Sudscape is Green

The UK discards over 48 million tyres each year. These tyres are no longer allowed into landfill sites, and present a major environmental problem. Sudscape helps address this problem by using at least 3 crumbed tyres per square meter in the sub base of our porous paving.

Because Sudscape is totally porous, unlike other resin finished paving, it allows rain water to be held within the voids in the rubber base, slowing down water until it can be absorbed back into the water table. On surfaces like tarmac and concrete, pollutants like brake dust are washed straight in to drains and in turn into our water courses causing harm to wildlife. Sudscape prevents this from happening as the rubber helps filters out pollutants. American research has shown that when water flows through the rubber sub base and hard standing,there is a reduction of 25% nitrates and further 30% reduction in phosphates.

Sudscape is virtually maintenance free needing only the occasional power wash or brushing with stiff broom to maintain a pristine finish.