Questions and Answers

Has Sudscape been tested?

Sudscape has been tested by BRE (British Research Establishment) in Watord. Sudscape has been been tested and passed freeze/thaw, flexural strength and impact tests.

Sudscape has been chosen for the pathways of the BRE Park Centre at Watford and will also be used at the new BRE innovation park at Ravenscraig, Scotland

Do I need to lay Sudscape on Tarmac or concrete?

No, that’s what makes Sudscape unique! Unlike other companies who lay resin surfaces, Sudscape is the only company who produce a resin bound surface that is totally porous. Unlike other resin paving companies there is no need to lay Sudscape on either Tarmac or Concrete. Because of this massive saving Sudscape is very competitively priced.

Is Sudscape affected by freezing conditions?

Sudscape has been thoroughly tested to withstand freeze thaw conditions. It will not crack or lift as water freezes and expands,Unlike other resin finishes which don’t have our unique rubber sub base.

What is the advantage of an integral rubber sub base?

The rubber sub-base contains voids within its structure. The voids hold and slow down the flow of water back into the water table. This action prevents flash flooding. Both the rubber and resin are able to exand and contract without cracking so water freezing within the voids does not present a problem.

Do I need Planning permission to use Sudscape.

No. Because Sudscape is totally porous and watersoaks back into the water table unlike other resin systems, no planning permission need be applied for.

Will I still be charged for surface water run off by my water company?

No! Because rain water soaks back in ground and not the water companies drains or into the road no charge can be levied for what is now often referred to as Rain Tax.

Is Sudscape easy to maintain?

Sudscape is virtually maintenance free and easy to look after. It can be cleaned with a power wash if desired or simply brushed with a stiff broom.

What finishes are available?

We offer six colours in our standard range. However we are happy to quote on any other colour outside our range. Stone is a natural product and as such is subject to variations in shade and in some cases there may be a slight variation in colour from our sample.