BREEAM Targets Boosted by Sudscapepaving’s Landscaping System

A unique SUDS-compliant hard landscaping system, Sudscapepaving ™ can earn a construction or landscaping project up to eleven BREEAM credits due to its range of excellent eco-credentials, based on criteria information provided in the Green Guide to Specification.
Sudscapepaving is a pioneering system comprised of a sub layer of recycled car tyres combined with a porous top layer of resin bound aggregate. Rainwater is able to soak through the top layer where it is held in the voids of the sub layer before being naturally absorbed back into the water table, thereby eliminating the risk of standing water. It is suitable for use across a range of applications including paths and pavements, driveways and borders, and it requires minimal maintenance.

Specifically it complies with the following sections of the Green Guide:

– Hard Landscaping Materials Section: recycled surfacing material equates to one credit
– Responsible Sourcing of Materials Section: being made from recycled car tyres, use of Sudscapepaving can achieve up to three credits
– Flood Risk Section: its surface water attenuation properties equates to two credits
– Minimising water course pollution section: Sudscapepaving’s surface water source control treatment equates to one credit
– Innovation Section: Sudscapepaving’s main component of recycled car tyres qualifies it for a further credit.

The Sudscapepaving system has been rigorously tested at the BRE Innovation Park over a three year period where it is the only landscaping product to have remained porous with no maintenance required at all in a wooded environment. The patented system allows water and air to pass through, but not light and can therefore be simply power washed or vacuumed to minimise any fine build-up. In addition, in freeze thaw tests it does not laminate, as is often the case with other resin products when placed on top of concrete or tarmac.

Wayne Langford, Director at Sudscapepaving comments: “With BREEAM accreditations now high on the agenda, Sudscapepaving can substantially boost the endeavour to secure a very good or excellent rating on a project. Not only does it meet the criteria for flooding, but being made of recycled car tyres it gains valuable innovation and sustainability credits also. “